Friday, August 25, 2006

Mother of 14 years old(Temporary title)

        The unrare that goes to a private junior high school (Shida Mirai) makes to 14 years old and gets pregnant.However,the unrare is puzzled to a boyfriend in the first grade of high-school and Satoshicocoroza(智志) that was able to be thought to be an other party of the fate by the running away waist.A difficulty that the more unbelievable, is the severer waits though the decision to give birth is done ・・・.

Cast :
        Mimare(いちのせ未希) : Shida Mirai(志田未來)

Staff :
        Scenario : Inoue Yumiko(井上由美子)
        Music : Unpublished
        Produce : Takeshi Murase(村瀬健)
        Production : Unpublished
        Production writing : Nippon Television Network Corporation(日本テレビ放送網)

CM :